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Dans Bodoi 101 un sujet sur le nouveau BDM http://www.bodoi.info/sommaires-des-mensuels/2006-10-24/test-sommaire-101/#comments Un paragraphe mentionne une éventuelle attaque en justice d’une certaine base en ligne. BDGest ? la BeDetheque ? Cette histoire...

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Over at his blog, Peter David has a very discordant view of the Alan Moore stance on V FOR VENDETTA. Sure enough, Hollywood messed up all kinds of book and comic book adaptation before, with the possible exception of Harry Potter. BUT... It SHOULD be...

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No vendetta for V

Over at Newsarama we are treated to the first review of V FOR VENDETTA, the movie based on Moore and Lloyd's graphic novel. A good movie based on an Alan Moore story? That would be a first.

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Hollywood Logic

Latest bit of news from THE BEAT is that Bryce Howard has just been cast as Gwen Stacy for the next SPIDER-MAN movie. Right. She's reasonably pretty, all right, but... First we had Kirsten Dunst, a blonde, to play a redhead. Now we have this here redhead...

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Welcome Back Tony

Today Tony Isabella resumes his must-read online colum over at WFC (see link in my favorites) after a health-generated hiatus. Great to see that some of the good guys are still around.

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Over on THE BEAT, Heidi McDonald reports that Lea Hernandez is quitting american comics because, basically, she's fed up. Why don't you come here in Europe, Lea? You'll get a much better creator's package, great living conditions and we're also very decent...

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