A hard day's night

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Tonight was my first foray into the Twilight Zone -- er, I mean the UK Binge Drinking Universe. Watching people for hours doing nothing but drinking for the sake of it is quite a daunting experience. Mostly boring, actually. After a while conversation is simply impossible due to the loud noise surrounding us, some of it even qualifying as music.

surprisingly, by 11pm everybody is down, which is, in most countries, when the action starts.

I had never been so close to police officers since I came into this country, but hopefully these gents are quite nice if you stay calm and are capable of standing straight, which was quite unsual.

To be honest, this reminded me of when I was fifteen. I got seriously drunk a couple of times before realising that it was a complete waste of time. That is part of growing up, I guess. Some just never do.



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