Just one of these days

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I know this is supposed to be a blog and that it means I should do at least one entry every day. Howevewr this is a very uneventful day and I don't feel like writing anything worthwhile.
Except maybe...
For the past few days, on my way to work, I've been randomly tuning in on UK's FM stations, considering that my LW set is now hopelessly beyond repair. What surprised me is that almost every morning for the past week I stumbled upon an ABBA song. Today's was Super Trouper. Could there be a strange fascination for this group among DJs of the innumerable BBC stations, or is it just me?
One thing's for sure, though, is that there's nothing like an ABBA song to put you in a good mood, even on an uneventful day.


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Une amatrice de classique, mon reve ! Content de voir que ca existe encore !
Alors là, je m'insurge ! Qui qu'a dit qu'il fallait écrire une fois par jour ? cela doit rester un plaisir tout de même, pas une obligation :)<br /> <br /> En ce moment je suis plus casse-noisettes perso, surtout la danse de la fée dragée ;)