My random facts

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Under the (friendly) pressure of (the ever-lovely) Utena:

  How does it work?
Write 6 random facts about yourself, and then list the names of 5 people whom you in turn infect.

 My Random Facts

 -         When I was thirteen, I had this huge crush on Lynda Carter. Yeah, me and probably millions of other guys… Now at long last my addiction to comics can be explained! I can’t pretend it’s for literary reasons any more! As soon as my puberty’s over I’ll stop reading them and start being interested in girls. Maybe…

 -         To complicate matters, I have this foot fetish dating back when Emma Peel joined the Hellfire Club. As a consequence, I am bound to find attractive any woman wearing black leather boots. Now you know. But please don’t publicize it. I’m already a babe magnet, I don’t need more attention.

 -         Of all the scars covering my body, none of them was willingly self-inflicted. At least not consciously.

 -         When I’m alone, I am a careless driver. Probably because I’m cynical and doesn’t care much about my own life. And to make it worse I'm used to singing loudly to whichever tune is in my CD player. Luckily no one can hear me, or I wouldn’t be the only one with a death wish. But don’t be afraid, when I have a passenger I’m (slightly) more careful…

- I almost got married, once. Long story. Don't ask.

- My favorite singer is Danielle Messia; Kate Bush is only a close second. And my favorite movie is the Wizard of Oz. Yeah, I'm a sissy...

   Now, even if I count my postman and the tax collector, who keeps writing me even though I never made a pass at him, I don’t have five friends to infect. How sad is that?


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Ecoute Danielle Messia une fois et tu comprendras.<br />
Kate bush en second ? SECOND ? Roarrrr what a shame ;)<br /> Merci de t'être prêté au jeu :)